Loving LBI – Again

Who says you can’t go home again? There comes a time in your life, when looking forward and backward at the same time become a pause. This year has become a pause in our life. We lived on LBI…

Source: Loving LBI

With a 1st cup of coffee on Monday morning I

found the house online we had been looking for.

We were on the parkway heading south as soon

as we called the broker.

The house is a tiny raised ranch. We and our

entire family are very happy to be able to be

returning to the shore – NJ term, beach in any

other place in the world.

Our eldest grandson (13) wants to have a sleepover

in the garage?? It is a big garage!

Our three year old grandson wants to go back

and play in the “Big Sandbox.”

Never heard a beach

called that before.

We are all overjoyed!

Andy & I found our 50th wedding anniversary


We promised each other that this was

the best gift to ourselves, and our family.

We will still be staying in the condo

just over the border! A win win gift!






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