Loving LBI

Who says you can’t go home again?

There comes a time in your life, when looking forward

and backward at the same time become a pause.

This year has become a pause in our life. We lived on

LBI (Long Beach Island, NJ) for 25 years. Our sons had

moved on and we settled where we were happiest on LBI.

Huricane Sandy changed love to fear. Our home was virtually

untouched. We knew many, whose homes were destroyed

by this storm, that ravaged the east coast of the US.

Late Septempter, 2014 a broker brought in an unsolicited

offer on our home. Without thinking twice, we agreed

readily . We closed in December, staying in a rental

awhile. We did find a nice condo near our family.

Two years later, this is 50th wedding anniversary year.

Our family had great ideas as to how we should celebrate.

We have chosen the path of happiness for us both.

We are putting our condo on the market, and going home

to LBI. This is where our friends, and our hearts are.

The Francscan parish, where my faith family live

still remains.

The best friends that we ever had as individuals or

as a couple are where we will be again, for the rest

of our days.

Fr. Steve ofm, you asked when we left, are you ever going

back? The response now is, yes. We miss the ocean and the

blessings of beauty in nature, our parish, and friends on that island.

We are going home again.

“Happy 50th Anniversary Andy with love!”







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